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Al Hashimiyah - Iraq

UPA won the competition for new Green Campus University in Babil, Iraq and it was appointed to develop a sustainable green technology university campus based on LEED criteria.

The new campus will consist of five colleges (agriculture, veterinary, biotechnology, food production and environmental college), the presidency building and all related supportive facilities, including sports hall, main auditorium, central library, entertainment center in addition to student and staff housing. Presidency building is  the first LEED registered project in Iraq.

The project is currently in hold at the level of complete detail design.

Within the project for Al Qasim Green University, the student house project is divided into 7 three-storey buildings rigidly divided into 3 female and 4 male blocks. The facades have been studied following the solar orientations: the south-facing facades are characterized by long white balconies that shield the sun, while on the north side the double-height common spaces have been positioned. On the roof there are common recreational spaces, a usable terrace and part of the positioning of the appropriately shielded air conditioning systems. The rooms of the male block are: 260 double rooms, 24 single rooms and 12 special need rooms. 

The rooms of the female block are: 195 double rooms, 18 single rooms and 9 special need rooms. The total number of students that can be accommodated is 973.

The total Size of Students Housing Complex is 30.100 sqm built up area.

Project Leader: Paolo Lettieri.

DesignTeam: Paolo Lettieri,  Aswan Zubaidi, Chiara Mangiarotti, Mustafa Al Baldawi, Elina Ceijere, Vibhor Mukul Sing, Monica Verzoletto, Alessandro Cappelletti, Giulia Bovolenta, Irina Tibaeva, Valeria Crespi, Natasha Mukul Sing, Andrea Gravellu, Andrea Fantoni, Elisa Zichi, Andriani Charambolous.

3D visualization: Monica Verzoletto, Pixject Digital Technology China

Client: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq

Design Company in Charge: Urbanism Planning Architecture

Concept, Architectural Design and Coordination: Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia

Structural Design: Structure

MEP design: Ian Banham

Landscape and Civil Infrastructure: SUSCA - Sustainable Creative Architecture

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