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Within an important residential area of high  quality villas facing the sea, a total built-up area of more than 2,500 sqm had been dedicated for the design and construction of a new three floor villa with underground service spaces . The villa comprises many bed room suites in addition to receptions, living and dining spaces, library, offices study rooms with children play area. 

The facade that face the main street was designed  with a semi solid treatment, to preserve privacy, while the façade in front of the sea is characterize by transparent glass and balconies, and opens to the outdoor area that includes an open swimming pool and a well designed landscape. This luxurious villa of very high quality internal design is utilizing state of the arts systems of latest technique, with high performance automation system.

Category: Residential

Client: Private

Location: ABU DHABI, UAE

Plot area: 4,500 sqm

Built up area: 2,500  sqm

Estimation: 7 million €

UPA Role : Complete design and supervision

Project duration: Design 8 months / Construction On going