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Abu Dhabi, UAE

The client desired a modern, minimalist villa of an iconic Italian architecture design for the local surroundings. The plot itself sits between a fast road and a narrow sea channel surrounded by local Arab-style villas, a unique location that deserves a unique building.

The north front entrance from the street side was designed supremely with privacy in mind, therefore utilizing a semi-solid treatment which was balanced by the volume of the stairs. This was utilized to emphasize the presence of vertical connections with a truncated cone shape unlike seen on the south front. As this is the side facing the water, we wanted to open the space up to the location, and therefore utilized large windows and long balconies. With these two individual approaches, a sense of horizontality and dynamism are introduced and emphasized throughout the build. To build upon this, the orientation of the plot was intentionally inclined in trend with the rectangular plot, not only to favour the view of the main canal but also the ensure privacy from the surrounding neighbours.


The villa itself is spread out in a linear layout over three floors above ground as well as a semi-basement floor for services, MEP systems and spaces for domestic staff. The ground floor boasts a long corridor with the stairs and a lift in a central position as well as opening into the garden which features a swimming pool. At the entrance, there is a double-height atrium that divides the dining room from the main Majilis (the hall for formal receptions) which is harmonized with the existence of a guest lounge and a guest bedroom. On the ground floor, there is also the garage building, the security and technological systems house and the pool house.


The first floor is dedicated to private family life with breathable living spaces such as the bedrooms of the large family and a mini apartment with a dedicated entrance for grandparents. There is also a library and television room for the family on the first floor while the second floor boasts a fitness gym and a Majilis dedicated to the women of the family in a modern Moroccan style.


This luxurious villa has been designed with luxury and functionality in mind, utilising state-of-the-art systems such as home automation, which is a system controlled 24 hours a day by a resident security service. The influence of Italian architecture can be seen throughout the building through the use of flowing shapes and refined materials to add a balance of comfort to the minimalist space, working together to create a home that is as relaxing as it is beautiful.

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Plot area: 2,700 sqm

Built up area: 1,920  sqm

UPA Role : Complete design and supervision

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