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Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Ministry of Public Works of UAE requested a feasibility study to investigate the best possible design for a school for 1000 students. Urbanism Planning Architecture and General Planning in JV designed 3 different possible solutions for Cycle C3 (Secondary School). The Camp layout is organized with cluster into different pavilions and buildings: each pavilion, designed on 2 floors, is a learning community with primary services as toilets, teacher’s room, store, recreation area. All pavilions are connected at first floor with closed bridge corridors and also, all of them are connected with the main service building, which allocated teacher and administration offices, gym and changing area, multipurpose room, main entrance, atrium and reception. library, auditorium, refectory with kitchen and technical building complete the layout of the campus.


Client: Ministry of Public Work, UAE

Location: Sharja, UAE

Plot area: 75,000 sqm

Built up area: 22,000 sqm

Estimation: 33 million €

UPA Role : Concept design

Project duration: Design 2 months

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