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Music School at Ladies Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Inside the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club previously designed by the UPA, we were asked to design a new music school. The space was previously occupied by the library, now no longer needed with the advent of new digital technologies. The project was conceived as a central organic multifunctional space / foyer / refreshment area overlooked  by the various practice rooms and the concert hall.  All the rooms were designed as closed boxes resting on a soundproofed floating floor. The small 30-seat concert hall has been designed with a series of asymmetrical portals that symbolize the growing rhythm of modern music. The inclination of the portals in Topakustik also has an acoustic function of dispersion of the reflected sound waves. The curtains on the short sides of the room contribute to the acoustic control.

The acoustic project was made by Eng. Marcello Brugola.

Project Leader: Sahar A Yousif, Paolo Lettieri

Design Team: Aswan Zubaidi, Paolo Lettieri, Sahar A Yousif, Ahmed Zubaidi,  Marcello Brugola, Sandeep Parthasarathy, Sojo James, Firas Jhonny Raheel, Maha Shamma, Muhammad Faisal.

Client: Abu Dhabi Ladies Club

Location: Abu D, UAE

UPA Role : Complete Design and Site Supervision

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