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Cardiac Center Pavillion, Sharjah, UAE

The new cardiac center pavilion at aAll Qassimi Hospital is designed to improve the specialization of the hospital in cardiac surgery and care. The new pavilion will be build connected with the existing cardiac surgery pavilion and it is designed to complete the existing one. Both pavilions will be connected to the general hospital. The new pavilion will have also 2 dedicated wards for patient bedrooms with vip/royal sections. The wards will be separated by gender (one floor male, other female) and at ground floor will be entrance, dedicated emergency access, cafeteria with connection with existing hospital, dedicated imaging area with cat labs and OPT, doctor offices, outpatients and relative services.


End User: Ministry of Health UAE - Al Qassimi Hospital

Size: 8.000 sqm built up area

Project duration: Design 6 months 

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