This facility is designed in order to home a Day Surgery Procedure Unit and  Ambulatory Care Unit that not require overnight care of patients. On ground floor there is the main entrance that contains reception, cafeteria, retail pharmacy and waiting area. The Ambulatory Care Unit is developed on ground floor and on second floor, and is connected to the main entrance by one outpatient/visitors elevator and internal stairs. The facility’s main unit is the Day Surgery Procedure Unit developed on two floors. On ground floor there is the Day Surgery Entrance with reception and waiting. On the first floor there is the procedure area connected by one bed lift and a service lift and house two operating theatres, two patient bay holding/preparation, 14 recovery beds, two discharge lounge recovery (one male and one female) and Staff area. The main units are supported by the medical imaging services with X-ray room, CT scanning room and ultrasound room and Pathology Lab for blood analysis.


Category: Health Care

Client: American Specialty Hospital LLC

Location: Abu Dhabi Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Built Up Area:  2046 sqm

Estimation Cost:

UPA Role: Complete Design and Supervision

Project Duration: 18 months 

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