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Redefining  Italian  Architectural  Elegance

Fuelled by an expertise and passion for design, UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri Architects brings the timeless beauty of Italian architecture to a growing number of international clients, creating unforgettable buildings and Italian interior design that breaks the mould and pushes boundaries.

Founded by expert Italian architect Paolo Lettieri, UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri Architects is the Italian arm of the globally recognised UPA – Urbanism Planning Architecture group, with offices in Milan, Abu Dhabi and Baghdad. Drawing on the experience and talents of a diverse team of architectural specialists, we bring a range of Italian architecture design skills to the table for you to take advantage of.

Setting New Standards for Architecture

We take great pride in the work we do, combining proven talent with an effective and structured way of working that gets you the results that matter.

Our work has seen us tackle difficult and complex projects with a zest for coming up with out-of-the-box thinking and solutions. We put attention-to-detail first with every concept and every blueprint, giving us the toolset we need to take on large, multifaceted projects that require only the highest architectural standards.

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Remarkable Designs for Interior spaces

Those standards extend to our interior design services designing elegant and comfortable spaces, collaborating with the best craftsmen in business today.


We combine their immense aptitude for creating interior masterpieces with furniture and fixtures from the finest Italian furniture brands to come up with something truly special for your indoor spaces.

Featured projects

VGIK Auditorium by UPA Italia side.jpg
Auditorium of  VGIK
Moscow | Russian Federation

UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri Architects has been appointed to have an auditorium designed for the acoustic use as both a cinema and a concert hall within the confines of a modern aesthetic design.

The project utilizes an innovative system of acoustic revolving paneling that is digitally controlled by sensors and dedicated software to change the acoustic configuration of the hall for a changing of current use. The organic shape of the ceiling has been innovated so as to provide the best possible acoustic refraction.

Ladies Club
Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

The client requested an iconic, luxurious design fitting of its clients and its surrounding lagoon location. Focused at every point on relaxation and style, the project encompasses a floral plan that utilizes free-flowing shapes to house all of its amenities, which include an outdoor swimming pool, solarium, restaurant, kindergarten, fitness areas and a music school. The entire project is steeped with luxury while being grounded in natural materials to compliment the free-flowing shapes that can be enjoyed throughout.

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Pool by UPA Italia
Villa Abu Dhabi.jpg
Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

This modern, minimalist-styled villa was built for privacy and security for a large family to enjoy the sea views. The project utilized a sense of balance throughout a carefully designed arrangement of harmony between the front and the back of the house, with the front using truncated cone shapes, an intentional incline to the rectangular plot as well as large windows and long balconies for the back. Over three floors, the building boasts large living spaces, amenities and entertainment areas.

Global clients, diverse projects

Bringing together international talent, along with the knowledge and insights of a team of consultants and experts, UPA Italia by Paolo Lettieri Architects has created architectural solutions for a range of projects, from hospitals to villas, and auditoriums to schools.

We’ve worked with businesses from across Europe and the Middle East, including Italy, Russia, Switzerland, the UAE, Iraq, Qatar and Jordan, providing everything from architecture and engineering work to site supervision and project management.

Awards and selected publications

UPA has received numerous recognitions and won international awards for its projects. Many of his projects made in Europe, the Middle East and Asia have been published in numerous and prestigious magazines, books and web magazines.

It's all about you and how you envision your projects to succeed.

We can help with a range of architectural needs, goals and targets for your business

bring your requirements and ideas to us by using our contact form below.

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