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Basrah, Iraq


The entrance to the main building is located at the ground level, facing west, where are located consolidated clinical technique spaces, including clinics, dialysis, rehabilitation, accident & emergency, imaging departments, as well as most of the industrial technique spaces, including admittance, clinical lab and blood taking, kitchen, canteen, pharmacy, general store, housekeeping, lined and CSSD. All accesses have their dedicated parking area, while the main parking lot is conveniently located near the main entrance of the building. Patient fostering spaces have been located at the first level: operating blocks with the ICU/CCU, the delivery and NICU departments, with the first of four nursing units. Additionally the administrative department, medical records, conference room and library take place at this level. Second, third and fourth level accommodate single nursing unit. Future expansion from 100 to 200 nursing beds can be achieved adding two or three levels, building another block without interrupt health care activities.

Client: Ministry of Health-Republic of Iraq

Location: Basrah, Iraq

Built up area: 18,300 sqm

UPA Role : Concept Design

Project duration: Design 2 months 

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