VGIK, Gerasimov Institute Of Cinematography, MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

This auditorium has been designed by Italian architect Paolo Lettieri and UPA Italia to become a modern, functional space to be utilized as a cinema and a concert hall at the same time to further promote creativity, the arts and an appreciation of modern entertainment in a space that encourages its media rather than limits it.


To ensure that the space was as functional for its acoustical use as possible, UPA Italia supported the recommendations for the design and the selection of internal finishing that would work best for the space, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. allowing the best acoustical, functional and aesthetics solution for the main auditorium of 589 seats as well as for the small cinema rooms, didactic Theatre and the experimental theatre which seats 250 people. The Auditorium itself boasts a modern, innovative system of acoustic revolving panels which can be digitally controlled to change the acoustic configuration of the room. These were engineered by ING and will improve the acoustic quality of the room while cementing it as a unique and evolving musical space for any genre.

Other elements of the main auditorium include the existence of a projection room, a control room and a special private room for the watching of movies. For educational purposes, there is also a bridge of theatre lights above the false ceiling that utilizes manually operated lights to be used as teaching utensils for up-and-coming students, as well as for any that prefer a more traditional approach to their work.

It is not just the paneling of the auditorium that is designed for the best possible acoustics too, for the organic shape of the ceiling is also designed specifically with acoustic refraction in mind. It is of curved and suspended and remains to be the focal point of the entire project, having been built with Topakustik panels mounted on curved calendared ribs with a fixed geometry of 5 meters in radius. This is the first project where the technique of such curved Topakustik panels have been used according to these dimensions, and the false ceiling has been designed with such curved shapes to control the reflections of the sound waves for optimal acoustics at every point in the room. Everything else in the room is remained uniform with this creative direction for a sense of fluidity and structure, with the lights, air vents, and even the terminals in the sprinkler system being inserted in horizontal cuts to provide a sense of uniformity and grounding even to the technological elements.


Upon its completion the auditorium was inaugurated by Russian President Putin to celebrate long journey and conceptualism of this Italian architecture.

Location: Ulitsa Vil'gel'ma Pika, 3, Moscow, Russia, 129226


Project Leader: Paolo Lettieri.

DesignTeam: Paolo Lettieri,  Marcello Brugola, Irina Ivanova, Alessandro Pasini, Andrea Pagnoni,  Irina Tibaeva, Vibhor Mukul Sing.

3D visualization: Irina Ivanova

Photo: Paolo Lettieri


Client: Art Deco Moscow, ST Engineering Moscow.  

Final Client: VGIK University, known as Gerasimov Institure of Cinematography of Moscow


Photo of Auditorium
Photo of Auditorium
Photo of Auditorium
Photo of Auditorium with open panels
Photo of Auditorium
Photo of Auditorium
Auditorium of Vgik Section
Auditorium of Vgik plan
Photo of Auditorium
Photo of Auditorium
Photo of Auditorium
Auditorium sketch
Rendering of Auditorium
Rendering of Auditorium
VGIK theatre
Rendering of Theatre
Rendering of Theatre
Rendering of Cinema
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Rendering of Auditorium

Rendering of Auditorium with acoustic panels rotated