Architectural Philosophy

We believe that each of our buildings is functionally as complex as an organism, and so, needs to be designed in synchronicity of different disciplines: Architecture, Engineering, Acoustic, Structure, Environmental Aspects and Interior Design.


This living organism, the Building, in our view, should be built in accordance with the existing on-site context, surrounding off-site features, as well as any future developmental schemes and their repercussions, i.e., taking into consideration, the existing  and as well as the proposed, natural & synthetic, local & global.


For us, Architecure establishes a harmony between human habitation and the natural world through sympathetic and well integrated design approaches, with its site, where the buildings, furnishings, and surroundings become a part of a unified, interrelated composition.


We translate this kind of organic-faceted design, both, in physical as well as spiritual form, in the natural shapes of our buildings & landscapes.

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia srl

Principal Architect Paolo Lettieri

Via Canonica, 67, 20145, Milan, Italy

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