Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Entrance by UPA It


The setting of the first ladies club in Abu Dhabi is set overlooking a picturesque lagoon specially created for the location to allowing the women to swim and relax safely and privately – a location that truly sets the scene for the rest of the build. This new club will become a symbol of luxury and comfort as hoped by Urbanism Planning Architecture, an international firm boasting offices in Milan and Abu Dhabi.

The Italian architectural project began in 2008 with the introduction of the first conceptual sketches by renowned architect Paolo Lettieri, who is also co-founder of the firm. Other designers for the complex include architect Aswan Zubaidi, the Interior Designer Sahar a. Yousif and architect Tony Owen, allowing this to become a symbiotic group effort while also showcasing individual styles and concepts.

This structure represents an oasis of well-being and relaxation for its female visitors, respecting the customs of the local culture and their belief of male and female-dominated spaces. However, the location innovates upon this belief, creating a stylized hub for women from elite positions in society to experience relaxation and self-care in privacy and confidentiality.

The modern and organic Italian architecture of the Club House (the 12,000 sqm main building) recalls the floral forms in plan as the client requested a unique building that would become iconic within its own industry but also the local surroundings at large too. The architects therefore utilized free-flowing shapes to enhance the relaxation the women would feel within its walls as an artistic and original space. The club also boasts an outside swimming pool and a solarium area that overlooks the park and the beach to the delight of all its visitors. The cladding of the building itself is in stone to ground the piece, and the floors of the prestigious areas follow suit in Carrara Calacatta marble.

The Club House includes incredible amenities of food options ranging from a restaurant to a cafeteria, a lounge area also with its own VIP options, two fitness areas of which one is for VIPs, a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool with a relaxation area with whirlpools, a kindergarten, a collection of shops and boutiques, and also a new music school which was inaugurated in September 2020, allowing for women of all interests to become supported and excited by the space.


Category:  Recreational

Client: Abu Dhabi Sports Council

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Plot area: 200,000 sqm

Built up area: 20,000 sqm

Estimation: Confidential

UPA Role : Master planning, Concept design consultancy services for both phases and

construction supervision for phase 1


Phase 2 shall complement the prime function of phases 1 to include the following:

  • Sports academy

  • Shooting range

  • Arts and music academy

  • SPA

  • Administration building

  • Service building

In addition to landscape areas for festivals and special events and the beach to create special lagoon to maximize the privacy and safety for club members and guests, along with sufficient number of parking.


Category: Recreational

Client: Abu Dhabi sports council

Location: Abu Dhabi, uae

Estimation: Confidential

UPA Role : Master planning and design consultancy services

Project duration: Design 24 months

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Wing by UPA Italia

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club External Pool

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Front by UPA Itali

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club External Pool 2

Ladies Club External Pool

Ladies Club Pool

Ladies Club Pool



Ladies Club Cafeteria

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club External Pool 3

Ladies Club Leisure Pool

Ladies Club Leisure Pool

Ladies Club Festival space

Ladies Club

Canopy Entrance

Canopy Entrance

Entrance Hall

ladies Club Gym

ladies Club Gym

SPA Building

SPA Building

SPA Lounge



Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Entrance by UPA It


Sport Building

Sport Building Entarnce

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Cafeteria by UPA I

Sport Hall

Restaurant Building

Restaurant Building

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club sections

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